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Research & Development Integrity Reviews

Vantage Forensic Accounting can prepare a succinct value for money applications on behalf of companies that have undertaken research and development to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources to ensure compliance.

We can:
• Identify and access R&D tax credits and a range of relevant government grants and incentives.
• Evaluate projects for tax efficient outcomes.
• Offer R&D business process management support, including reviews, process design      recommendations and assistance with implementation.
• Identify and claim R&D tax concessions and relevant grants available internationally.
• Obtain other government support.

Vantage Forensic Accounting can also assist with post registration reviews and the liaison with the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources to minimise the adverse effects of a negative post registration finding.

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Understanding forensic accountants obligations

The objective of APES 215 Forensic Accounting Services is to specify our professional and ethical obligations in respect of:

  • the provision of a Forensic Accounting Service to a Client;
  • the types of Engagements or Assignments that are a Forensic Accounting Service;
  • applicable Independence requirements;
  • relationships and the provision of other Professional Activities that create threats to compliance with the fundamental principles;
  • the obligations of a Member who provides an Expert Witness Service and the required disclosures in the Member's Report; and
  • applicable quality control and documentation obligations. 

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